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Xtreme Duty Recovery Bridle

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Use a recovery bridle to conduct a recovery by connecting the bridle to both recovery points on the front (or back) of the stuck vehicle. Then connect your recovery strap or recovery kinetic rope to the bridle. This ensures a tug with equal force on both sides of the vehicle's frame thus preventing 'diamonding' the frame by pulling only from one side.

We now offer OKOR Xtreme Duty double-layered Recovery Bridles in bright green color. Choose from 10' or 8' extra-long or standard 6'. These double-ply bridle straps are stronger than other single-ply straps. U.S. made with durable full-chafed loops engineered for heavy-duty applications and the highest quality.

2" wide x 10' long. 32,000 lb. MBS.
3" wide x 10' or 8' or 6' long. 46,500 lb. MBS.
Double-layered for extra stength.
Full chafe guards with folded & stitched loops on each end.

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Mega D-Ring Shackles

Our Mega D-Ring Shackles are for large vehicle recovery.

Mega Kinetic Ropes

For recovery of large vehicles. Our Mega Kinetic Recovery Ropes are used by U.S. Fire Departments, & U.S. Armed Forces.

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