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Project LROI Range Rover
Courtesy of LRO reprinted with permission  
Tonight we put a bunch of the Project LROI Range Rover's parts to a true test. A friend called from about 100 miles away, saying he was stuck and needed extraction. This happened to be a Camel Trophy Defender 90, by the way. So we loaded up the Project RRC and headed out.

Upon arrival, we realized that the ground was EXTREMELY soft and treacherous. Water was pouring into the holes as fast as we were digging them out, and even though we had sand ladders, it was tough. We were there six hours, all in the dead of night. The D90 was buried, and it was literally crucial to reconnoiter EVERY step before driving into position. The photos show the D90 and a Chevy 4x4 truck, also stuck (left side tires)! The Project Range Rover was the only one to stay unstuck.

We used the ARB Air Lockers on several occasions--both navigating to and from the site, as well as when attempting a kinetic pull. A must-have item. The Superwinch, of course, as well, along with the OKoffroad Amsteel Blue winch rope, Hawse and snatch blocks. The Pro Comp Mud Terrain tires were a HUGE help! Not to mention the dual Optima batteries on the Hellroaring system which both worked great, as they kept us in power for hours using IPF lights! We also used the Hannibal rack for the first time.

On the way home, in the middle of the night, the radiator fan belt snapped on the Rover. It started to overheat almost immediately. We stopped the car, and on the side of the 405, pulled the air con belt over to fit on the fan belt pulleys. Had to loosen and reposition an idler pulley, but it got us home. Gotta love it.

Big thanks to Scotsman J.R. who joined us and was a huge help in all ways!

Dave Zartman
Land Rover Owner International

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