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Off-roading season is here! EJS is around the corner, and many of us will be hitting the road with rig in tow on our way to Mecca Moab, or just to our favorite local playground.

Know and follow all state, local, and D.O.T. towing laws that pertain to maximum width on roads, weight restrictions, types of brakes used, or any other laws. If you have any questions or concerns, contact your local law enforcement or D.O.T. before towing.

Know the weight of the cargo or equipment (your rig) you intend to haul, and the towing capacities of the trailer (very important) and tow vehicle. Most people think, "If it fits on the trailer, I'm good to go."

Make sure the trailer coupler and towing coupler are the same size, and proper capacity.

Back tow vehicle up to trailer, and hook up. Use a spotter - it's easier.

Trailer must be connected to tow vehicle before loading or unloading.

Lock tow vehicle brakes before loading and unloading trailer.

After connected to tow vehicle, make sure trailer is level, or slightly higher in front, adjust as needed.

Attach safety chains (cross them), electrical plug and break-a-way switch (electric brakes), and make sure they are not dragging.

Check tire pressure on trailer and tow vehicle.

Check all lighting on trailer, and tow vehicle for proper operation.

Check over-all condition of trailer: tie-downs, ramps, hitch for proper operation.

Make sure deck is clear of all debris before loading and before heading out onto the road.

Secure cargo or equipment to trailer, secure load on all 4 corners if possible, do not overtighten binders.

Secure all loading ramps, and make sure Jack stand is in the up position.

After travelling a short distance, stop and check to see if your load is secure, and that all tie-downs are tight.

Allow for greater braking distance, when pulling a trailer, and generally travel at slower speeds.

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