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•What is Duty Cycle?
Duty cycle is the amount of time based on an hour that a compressor can be operated, without rest, and expressed as a percentage. Customer need can be most easily determined based on usage type, general need and/or tire size. Tire Inflation: 31 to 33 inch tires, moderate usage = 33% Duty Cycle compressor (Portable Compressors or OBA Systems)

Tire Inflation: 35 inch tires and up, heavy usage = 100% Duty Cycle compressor (Portable Compressors or OBA Systems)

Air tool use: light to moderate usage = 33% Duty Cycle compressor (OBA Systems)

Air tool use: medium to heavy usage = 100% Duty Cycle compressor (OBA Systems)
•What is CFM?
CFM refers to the flow of air past a point of reference in a minute’s time. The higher the number, the faster the compressor is pumping air, which results in faster tire fill & tank fill rates.

•Amp Draw
Vehicles are limited to the amount of amp draw they can provide due to their vehicle’s charging system limitations. Always determine the limitations of the alternator to help determine which compressor is best for the application. An over-burdened charging system can result in poor engine performance & may require alternator & battery upgrades. Always run the vehicle’s engine when operating compressors to eliminate the chance of low voltage/high amp draw operation.

•What do I need to run air tools?
Air tools typically run on 90 PSI. You will need an air reservoir tank, an air pressure regulator, and compressor(s) capable of filling the tank fast enough to keep up with the demand being placed upon the system. Onboard air systems will not put out the same amount of compressed air as a shop’s air compressor, so more time is needed to accomplish most tasks.

•How much room do I need?
Trucks typically have plenty of room on and around the chassis for mounting accessories, while Jeeps & smaller SUVs do not have as much room to spare. Determine the area you have available to install components before you select a system. OBA Systems have been engineered specifically for challenging installations where there space is limited.

•Do I need an air tank?
If all you’re doing is inflating tires, then a portable or hardmount compressor may be all you need. If you plan to operate air tools, air locking differentials, or load leveling - then you must have an air tank, & appropriate accessories.

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24 Volt Compressors

Heavy-duty 24 volt hardmount air compressors from Viair™. Available from 33% to 100% duty cycle units.

Onboard Compressors

Heavy-duty 12 volt onboard air compressors from Viair™. Available in 23 amp and the powerful 30 amp unit.

Portable Compressors

Heavy-duty 12 volt portable air compressors from Viair™. Available in 23 amp and the powerful 30 amp unit.
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Disclaimer. Please read: The effectiveness of this equipment is directly related to the manner in which it is installed, used, and/or maintained. Proper installation, use and maintenance is solely the responsibility of the installer/user, and will not be assumed by OKoffroad.com.


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