ECUADOR MUDDIN! Juan Felipe Sosa, Quito, Ecuador
. Hello my friends from OKoffroad, this is to show a little of what we do in Ecuador - South America, where we go up to 4200 meters above sea level, just to have some fun with mud and really cold weather.

If you guys ever come this way, give me a call and we will put together a trip for you.

This place is called Chalupas, and it is located in the north east area of a volcano called Cotopaxi, it takes around 1 hours driving from Quito, the capital of Ecuador until you leave the Panamericana Highway, then depending on weather it will take from 4 to 8 hours to arrive to Chalupas River.

During the months of June until November, the weather is really wet and rainy and the trail gets very bad, this trip that took place on June 29, took us 26 hour to get back home, (actually we had to send for a rescue party with a John Deere to get out).