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Land Rover Trek Decal

Inspired by the original badging created for the '96 & '99 Trek Land Rover Discovery.

U.S. Flag Decals

These decals are U.S. made. Two sizes available. No description or explanation required. Sold in pairs for both sides of your rig, or single.

Love Jeep Love beer Decal

Who knows what you get when you invert a word!

Jeep - Work Hard Decal

We work hard, and we're entitled to play hard too.

Land Rover 8" Decal

Here's the hard-to-find 8 inch Land Rover Decal. Beware of imitations!

Moab Tested Decal

Have you tested your rig in Moab?

I Luv 4x4Play Decal

There's lots of things we can luv. But off-roading tops the list!

Xtreme Duty Decal

Badging from the rare 'Xtreme Duty' Land Rover Discovery built by the Special Vehicles unit.

Xtreme Duty Decal

What's your rig good for! Get the one you want that says it best about you.

Men at Work Play Decal

We take our play time very seriously!

Off-Road Work Decal

Drive carefully, we're working here!

Off-Road Work Decal

Drive carefully, we're still working here!

Jeep - It's a Good Day Decal

Sometimes it just doesn't go as planned.

Jeep - Never Stuck Decal

Lost But Never Stuck Decal

A good day off-roading, exploring the backwoods, can turn into a day of "where are we."

Trail Mod Band-Aid Decal

Done some alterations on the trail? Wear it with pride.

Ouch Band-Aid Decal

"That gotta hurt!" Present it to the 'wheelin' buddy who's got an unexpected alteration to his truck's bodywork.

Ouch Band-Aid Decal II

Put a band-aid on that sheet metal.

No Text Zone Decal

We like to keep one hand on the wheel, and the other for shifting gear, holding a beverage, or...

Original Hybrid Decal

Back in the day a hybrid was a 4x4 with components taken from any other vehicle. So...

Jeep Rescue Decal

Our Jeep Rescue Decals are re-produced from the original Jeep Rescue 2004 concept vehicle logo.

Don't Follow Me Decal

Got a tricked-out Rig? Do you feel good about it? That's OK!

Recovery Vehicle Decal I

We've got the entire original collection from Jeep to Hummer recovery vehicle decals.

Recovery Vehicle Decal II

We've got the latest collection from Jeep to Hummer recovery vehicle decals.

4x4 Recovery Decal

Let them know you're not picky about the brand of vehicle you recover.

On Duty Recovery Decal

Let them know you're: Always prepared - Always 'On Duty.'

Eire Decal

Produced in Ireland, our Eire rear bumper sticker lets 'em know where you're from.

Ireland Decal

Produced in Ireland, our Ireland rear bumper sticker lets 'em know your real colors.

Union Jack Decal

Produced in the United Kingdom, our Union Jack decal is the ultimate statement for Land Rover owners.

Test Vehicle Decal

We really don't think this needs a description or explanation.

Classic Clunker Decal

Just let 'em try have me give up my Classic. Never was and never will be a Clunker.

My Other Ride Decal

Many of us are loyal to the brand and drive more than one of our favorite trucks.

OKoffroad Decal

Our own OKoffroad bumper stickers are layered with a UV coating - this one will stand up to most anything. And we're giving them away!

Peace Decals

The Peace sign has a long and varied history.

Peace Love & 4x4s Decal

Spread a little Peace & Love and show your loyalty to your favorite thing!

Luv My Gas Guzzler Decal

There's lots of things we can luv, and that Big V8 is one of 'em!

Gas vs. Hybrid Decal

Our large 10" GAS GUZZLER vs. HYBRID bumper sticker tells it like it is. That big V8 can't be beat!

...who said washing your Rover wasn't fun!

reprinted with permission