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BYO Winchrope Kit
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Whether you have a full-size truck, Jeep, or UTV or ATV we've got you covered.
BYO - Build Your Own
Our custom ordering process which allows you to choose each component based on your individual needs. Don't see what you need? Contact us.

BYO Recovery Kit
>>> Build Your Own <<<

Choose anything from our huge 4x4 recovery and extraction products.

Winch Recovery Kits

Includes 20,000 lb snatch block with grease zerk for use with winches up to 17,000 lbs. including the Warn 16.5 ti.

Kinetic Recovery Kits

Includes 30' kinetic recovery rope and receiver shackle bracket.

Snatch Strap Kits

Includes our 30' snatch strap which is designed to free stuck vehicles by stretching, and then recoiling to its original length.

Recovery Chain Kits

With a multitude of uses this kit is for vehicle recovery in extreme conditions where a nylon tree strap is not suitable.

Survival Kits

The all-in-one kit for extreme duty off-road recovery and survival. Gear that everyone needs when fourwheeling.

ATV/UTV Recovery Kits

The all-in-one ATV/UTV winch recovery kit.

Mega Recovery Chain Kit

With a multitude of uses this kit is for large vehicle recovery in extreme conditions.

Mega Kinetic Recovery Kit

Includes 30' kinetic recovery rope for large vehicle recovery.

Hi-Lift® Off-Road Kit

The Off-Road Kit is an authorized Hi-Lift® accessory kit, includes all of the needed parts for winching.