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Aluminum Sand Ladders

OKoffroad Expedition Sand Ladders are pierced aluminum plating. The Real Thing - no imitations!

Sand Ladders, as the name suggests, are ideal for freeing a 4x4 stuck in sand, as well as any type of soft ground. Stow them out of way on your roof rack, until needed, or in your 4x4's cargo area.
Our Sand Ladders are sold in pairs.
HD model double-ridged for strength.
XD model triple-ridged for extra strength.
Available in two sizes:
60" x 16", and weighs 16 lbs. each, or
48" x 12", and weighs 10lbs. each.
Made in U.S.A.
For international inquiries, please e-mail us.

XD 60" x 16" - $389.95

HD 48" x 12" - $274.95

Mounting Bracket

Designed to carry your sand ladders the way they were meant to be carried - on your roof rack!


Rover Defender at NY Auto Show
(with OKOR Sand Ladders)

Brit Forces Somewhere in Kuwait

Sand Ladders mounted on the Jeep J8

As in any recovery situation, care must be taken when using equipment. Never stand beside or behind a vehicle driving on sand ladders. The rotation of the wheels may force the sand ladders to be thrown out behind the vehicle. Please ensure sand ladders are securely stowed when not in use.

The Camel Trophy
Sand Ladders became famous in the Camel Trophy offroading event which ran from 1980 until 2000. The 1980 Camel Trophy event featured Jeeps, and thereafter Land Rover sponsored the event, over the years showcasing various Land Rover models, the most well-known being the Camel Trophy Discovery.

Authentic Camel Trophy Decals:
Direct from the U.K. our hard-to-find Camel Trophy decals are the genuine article.

I only had to use the sand ladders once and I was very glad I had them since this time of year most beaches are deserted. Waiting for help in recovery would not be a good option.

Benjamin Manfre'
Charlotte, NC

Customer Service
"I received my pair of 48" x 12" sand ladders and love them! I have passed out your web address when others ask where I purchased my set. Thanks again for the service you provide by supporting military APO customers overseas. We really appreciate it."

Michael Huls
Overseas U.S. Forces

Mounting Bracket

Designed to carry your sand ladders the way they were meant to be carried - on your roof rack!

Waffle Boards

Light enough to carry and handle, yet still provide the maximum in strength and durability.

Sandy And David Dye sent us this pic with OKOR Sand Ladders mounted on their rig.