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PolyGuard Kinetic Ropes

Now with our exclusive abrasion resistant 'PolyGuard' coating, the OKOR kinetic recovery rope is probably the most technically advanced recovery tool in the off-road world.

Aluminum Sand Ladders

The real thing! Aluminum pierced plating. For vehicle recovery from mud, snow, sand and most types of soft terrain.

BYO Recovery Kit

Build Your Own Recovery Kit is a customizable ordering process where you choose the products in your off-road recovery kit. Up to 20% off product prices.

Kinetic Recovery Ropes

A heavy-duty tool used in the recovery of stuck vehicles in snow, mud, or sand. It is made of Nylon Double Braid enabling High Strength & High stretch.

Mega Kinetic Ropes

For recovery of large vehicles. Our Mega Kinetic Recovery Ropes are used by U.S. Fire Departments & our Armed Forces.

Kinetic Recovery MIL

For recovery above & beyond your standard off-road recovery. Our military-grade kinetic Recovery Ropes are used by our Armed Forces.

Pull Pal Winch Anchor

The Pull-Pal, a U.S. engineered anchoring tool gets you up and over hill stalls and minimizes dangerous situations. Pull-Pal is designed for all types of winch-equipped vehicles.

'Original Aussie' Snatch Rope

The "Original Aussie" kinetic snatch rope is what all our fellow off-roading buddies use down under In Australia for vehicle extraction.

HD Waffle Boards

Light enough to carry and handle, yet still provide the maximum in strength and durability.

Bubba Rope

Bubba's original strap buster! With sizes for ATVs to Jeeps, and Full-size Trucks.

AmSteel Blue Winchrope

Need a custom length Amsteel Blue winchrope by-the-foot to build your own winchrope?

Kinetic Rope Guard

Our heavy-duty Kinetic Rope Chafe Guard for those recovery scenarios when you need more protection!

AmSteel Blue Winchrope

AmSteel Blue a HMPE braided rope w/ urethane UV coating. It's Amsteel Blue, but now also in signature OD military Green. This is the one we supply to the armed forces.

BYO Winchrope Kit

Our custom ordering process which allows you to choose each component based on your individual needs. So whether you have a full-size truck, Jeep, or UTV or ATV we've got you covered.

MEGA-Duty Soft Shackles

Our new and improved Safe-T-Line® MEGA-Duty Soft Shackles available in a variety of strengths and sizes.

Self-Recovery Winches

Full line of 12 & 24 volt self-recovery winches & accessories.

Safe-T-Line® Winchrope

Safe-T-Line® Synthetic Winchrope is made from UHMPE (Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene) fiber. With Mega-Tuff gusset thimble and half-link winch hook.

Safe-T-Line® XD Soft Shackles

Our Safe-T-Line® Xtreme-Duty Soft Shackles are assembled from our winchrope in 7/16" diameter for extra strength. Several colors available.

XD Quick-fit Rock Guard

The Quick-fit Winchrope Rock Guard for those winching times when you need more protection!

Winchrope Chafe Guard

Still the original and best! The first chafe guard on the market.

Winchrope Retainer

A simple device which makes the installation of winchrope on a winch drum totally idiotproof. 4x4 & UTV/ATV applications.

Mounting Brackets

Designed to carry your sand ladders or waffle boards the way they were meant to be carried - on your roof rack!

Aluminum Hawse Fairleads

Weighing-in at under 2.5 lbs, our T6 billet aluminum Hawse fairleads are designed specifically for winches running synthetic winch rope. From Hummer to Jeep, to UTV & ATV. All sizes available.

SP Aluminum Fairlead

With dropped mounting holes for horizontal winch mountings such as ARB bumpers. Fits all models and all brands of winches with standard mounting plate bolt pattern.

Winch Line Saver

Just spool in the rope right up to the fairlead protecting your aluminum Hawse fairlead against abrasion from steel hooks.

Monster Hook - It's Big!

Need something Bigger? the forged titanium Monster Hook fits the bill.

Monster Ropes

The Monster Recovery Rope is designed for recovery above and beyond your standard off-road recovery.

Winch Hooks

Self-locking, Half-link, Big Red, Mega winch hook. The largest selection of winch hooks anywhere.

Nylon Roller Fairlead

Our Nylon Roller Fairlead is the ONLY roller fairlead we recommend for synthetic winchrope.

HD Hammerlock Link

Use in connecting chain and other recovery gear items together. Rust resistant EPOXY or zinc finish.

XD Snatch Blocks

Swing-away snatch blocks: OKOR, Milemarker, ATV. Hook blocks - top-of-the-line in essential winch recovery equipment.

TJM HD Snatch Block

TJM's heavy-duty snatch block, with grease zerk for smooth handling, and a whopping 10,000 kg (22,500 lbs) strength. For use with winches up to 20,000 lbs.

ARB Snatch Blocks

Swing-away snatch blocks from ARB - essential winch recovery equipment. Featuring the standard ARB block and the ARB 9000.

TRED PRO Recovery Device

TRED PRO a highly engineered all-in-one off-road vehicle recovery device, specially designed to get your four-wheel drive, UTV/ATV out of trouble.

Magnum Hand winch

Designed for self recovery scenarios where a mounted electric winch can't do the job.

XD Recovery Chain

Every 4WD owner should carry a recovery chain for heavy conditions.

HD Recovery Straps

The OKOR HD Recovery Strap is designed for all off-road applications, with sizes from 2" x 30', 3" x 30' & 4" x 30' available. And ratings from 15,000 lb., 23,000 lb. & 33,000 lb.

Come-along Cables

Replacement galvanized aircraft grade wire cable extensions. Lots of sizes to choose from.

Winch Cable

Extra Improved Plow Steel (EIP) galvanized aircraft grade wire cable. 4X4 and ATV applications. Order with or without Winch Hook.

ARB Snatch Straps

ARB snatch Straps available in three widths from standard to extreme duty.

OKOR Snatch Straps

The XD Snatch Strap is designed to free stuck vehicles by stretching, and then recoiling to its original length.

HD Endless Round Slings

Overbuilt for dependability to ensure safer vehicle recovery. Manufactured from a continuous loop of polyester fibers with minimal stretch, thus making it perfect for use a tree saver or bridle for winching.

Mega Recovery Straps

For recovery above & beyond your standard off-road recovery. Our Mega straps are used by fire departments & the armed forces.

OKOR Xtreme Straps

Double-layered for extra stength. Full chafe guards with folded & stitched loops on each end.

XD Tree Savers

U.S. made with durable full-chafed loops engineered for heavy-duty applications and the highest quality.

TJM Recovery Jack

TJM's Vehicle Recovery Jack is probably the most essential recovery tool on your list of must-have items of recovery gear. Shipped with heavy-duty storage bag and Handle Keeper.

Recovery Kit Bags

Wide-mouth Recovery kit bags with padded floor for durability.

Exhaust Operated Jack

The X-Jack is the top Exhaust Operated Jacks on the market - with 4 ton lifting capacity. Fast, simple and easy to use.

Weld-on Shackle Mounts

Weld-on bumper shackle mounts for your custom off-road bumper. Fits any standard 4x4 3/4" D-shackle.

XD Shackle Mounts

Mount D-shackles to your bumper for a rock-solid recovery point with our powdercoated XD Shackle Mounts. Mounts to any steel bumper.

Aluminum Shackle Bracket

Our heat treated T6061 billet aluminum bracket includes 5/8" or 3/4" D-ring, and will fit any 2" receiver. Choice of D-shackles!

2" Receiver Hooks

HD & XD Receiver Hooks and eyes for off-road recovery.

VanBeest Shackles

VanBeest Green Pin hot-dipped galvanized D-Ring Shackles are the most well-known D-shackles in the 4x4 world.

Steel Receiver Bracket

Heavy-duty cast steel bracket with 3/4" D-ring, and will fit any 2" receiver. Zinc-plated finish. Choice of D-shackles!

Powdercoated Shackles

Our 3/4" D-shackles with a quality medium-gloss Black, OD Green, Patriot Red, White & Blue or Old Man Emu Yellow powdercoating.

Old Glory Shackles

Quality Patriot Red, White & Old Glory Blue powdercoated finish. Get the set of three.

4x4 D-Ring Shackles

Our screw pin anchor shackles meet the high performance requirements of Federal Specification. - all sizes.

OSU Orange D-Shackles

Our 3/4" D-shackles with a quality medium-gloss OSU Orange powdercoating.

Stainless Steel Shackles

Stainless steel 3/4" D-shackles. Grade 304 & 316. They look good and they work tough!

MEGA D-Ring Shackles

Our Mega D-Ring Shackles are for large vehicle recovery - for when you need something bigger.

Class V 2-1/2" MEGA Bracket

Not your average shackle bracket! Precision machined bracket with Galvanized or "Patriot Red" powdercoated 1" D-ring with 1-1/8" pin.

2" MEGA Shackle Bracket

Not your average shackle bracket! Precision machined bracket with "Patriot Red" powdercoated or galvanized 1" D-ring with 1-1/8" pin.

HD Tow Hooks

Perfect recovery points for your off-road vehicle. Mount easily where large, bulkier recovery anchors won't fit.

2" Receiver Hitch

< Add a 2" receiver hitch for a solid rear recovery point simply by bolting one in place.

5 Ton Pintle Hook

Multi-use pintle hook for off-road towing and recovery.

Receiver Pintle Mount

The shank of this pintle hook mount slips into your Class III receiver.

Winch Accessories

Fairleads, Winch cradles, quick connects, replacement cable & more.

Steel Fairleads

Steel Roller & Hawse Fairleads for winches using winch cable. Fits most models and brands of winches.

XD Towing Eye

Multi-use towing eye for off-road towing and recovery.

X-TRAX - Sandtracks

A handy traction aid for getting a vehicle unstuck in soft terrain such as sand or snow.

Hi-Lift® Xtreme

The Hi-Lift® Xtreme Jack is the "top of the line" all-cast version with many special features. Hi-Lift® Jack accessories also available.

Hi-Lift® Jack

Don't go off-road without it! The Hi-Lift® Jack is a rugged tool for lifting, pushing, pulling, winching, and clamping. Hi-Lift® Jack accessories also available.

Off-road Recovery Kits

Huge selection of Xtreme Duty recovery and survival kits.

HD Wheel Chocks

Don't be stuck without anything to chock your wheels when winching another vehicle.

HD Hitch Pin

This lockable hitch pin has an extremely high load rating for extreme recovery situations.

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