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OKOR Xtreme Duty Recovery Straps

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We're delighted to now offer OKOR Xtreme Duty double-layered recovery straps. We like the extra insurance offered in a double-ply webbing. These straps are designed for all off-road applications. With the highest quality chafe guards this has durability written all over it.

2" x 20' or 30' long.
31,000 lb. MBS.
Double-layered for extra stength.
Full chafe guards with folded & stitched loops on each end.

Note: Standard 2" single-ply straps are rated less than 20,000 lb strength. OKOR's double-ply recovery straps are rated more than 30,000 lb strength.

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OKOR Snatch Straps

The XD Snatch Strap is designed to free stuck vehicles by stretching, and then recoiling to its original length.

Recovery Bridle

Use a recovery bridle to conduct a recovery by connecting the bridle to both recovery points on the front (or back) of the stuck vehicle.

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