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OKOR HD Recovery Strap

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The OKOR HD Recovery Strap is designed for all off-road applications. With the highest quality chafe guards this has durability written all over it. Fabricated with tapered loops, they are engineered to the highest U.S. standard.

2" x 30' - 16,000 lb. MBS.
3" x 30' - 24,000 lb. MBS.
4" x 30' - 32,000 lb. MBS.
Folded and stitched re-inforced loops.
Chafe guarded wear-pads on each end.
High Strength.
Made from U.S. nylon webbing.
Professionally assembled.
Made in the U.S.

HD Recovery Strap & Kit Bag

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Protect your Recovery Strap by storing it in our handy kit bag. Don't just throw that strap in the back! Store it carefully, and it will be there for you when you need it. It's a great kit bag for other recovery gear too.

15" wide-mouth Gear Bag,
heavy-duty nylon zipper, outer
pockets, and hard fiber floor.

Mega Recovery Straps

For recovery above & beyond your standard off-road recovery. Our Mega straps are used by fire departments & the armed forces.

Kinetic Recovery Rope

This kinetic recovery rope, comes in sizes from ATV to Jeep to Full-Size and even bigger.

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