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TJM® Recovery Jack

w/ HD Storage Bag & Handle Keeper

TJM's Vehicle Recovery Jack is probably the most essential recovery tool on your list of must-have items of recovery gear. Able to lift the front (or rear) of your vehicle when bogged down in off-road terrain.

The heavy-duty Recovery Jack Bag, with Heavy-Duty Zipper, keeps your recovery jack rust/corrosion resistant.

Weight: 30 lbs.
46" lifting height.
Shipped with heavy-duty storage bag and Handle Keeper.
Low pickup of 4-3/8".
2,200 lbs rated capacity.

Disclaimer. Please read: The effectiveness of this equipment is directly related to the manner in which it is installed, used (for off-road use only), and/or maintained. Proper installation, use and maintenance is solely the responsibility of the installer/user, and will not be assumed by