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Grade 70 Recovery Chain

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As well as for vehicle recovery, the recovery chain is used to drag fallen trees and logs off 4WD trails. The chain is particularly useful for securing a winch anchor point in rocky areas where a nylon tree strap is not suitable. Our recovery chains are made from Boron treated steel which provides a high strength to weight ratio. It is superior for use in towing, recovery and safety chains.

Every 4WD owner should carry a recovery chain in heavy conditions. They will last a lifetime and have absolutely unlimited uses.

Plated to prevent rust.
Two (2) chain hooks per chain.
5/16" x 20' recovery chain with hooks.
3/8" x 20' recovery chain with hooks.
5/16" x 10' recovery chain with hooks.
3/8" x 10' recovery chain with hooks.

3/8" Chain
6,600 lb Working Load Limit
26,400 lb Ultimate Strength
5/16" Chain
4,700 lb Working Load Limit
18,800 lb Ultimate Strength

Don't just throw that recovery chain in the back! Store it carefully in our handy kit bag, and it will be there for you when you need it. Holds your D-shackles too.

15" wide-mouth Gear Bag,
heavy-duty nylon zipper, outer
pockets, and hard fiber floor.

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Aluminum Sand Ladders

The real thing! Aluminum pierced plating. For vehicle recovery from mud, snow, sand and most types of soft terrain.

Waffle Boards

Light enough to carry and handle, yet still provide the maximum in strength and durability.

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