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TRED PRO - Total Recovery & Extraction Device

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TRED Pro™ is a highly engineered all-in-one off-road vehicle recovery device, specially designed to get your four-wheel drive, UTV/ATV out of trouble when traction is lost in sand, mud or snow. TRED Pro™ is the next generation of the already hugely successful TRED™ off-road recovery device. Engineered and manufactured in Australia, TRED Pro™ will allow you to explore with confidence, without letting traction disrupt your journey.

The mix of elasticity and tough rigid design in the main body means that your TRED Pro’s maintain a high level of pressure on your tyre to provide ultimate traction whilst still being able to take the flex of being under vehicle weight on unstable ground. TREDs will get you home.

Even if you have a full gamut of recovery gear, your recovery kit isn’t complete until you have a pair of TREDs. We have heard so many situations where TREDs saved the day after winching or snatching alone had failed. By using TREDs combined with winching or snatching you will have a far better chance of escaping extremely serious scenarios that threaten your ability to get home at the end of the day.

Sold in pairs. Available in Green or Gunmetal Grey.
Shipped 'ground' in the continental U.S. (Call for express shipping options).
Size: 45-1/2" L x 13" W x 2-1/2" H. Stacked height (pair): 3-1/2."
Weight per pair: 19 lbs.
Superior Ramp Design and unique shovel feature.
Ergonomic handles with superior grip.
Four-channel design with underbelly traction.
Unique patented grip profile.

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TRED PRO with HD Carry Bag & Leash


TRED PRO Heavy Duty Carry Bag

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The Ultimate Off-Road Carry Bag to suit TRED Pro, TRED 1100, TRED 800 and other leading brands such as MAXTRAX and others. The TRED Pro Carry Bag is made from super durable and waterproof canvas material. It features various gear storage pockets for your tow straps, shackles, winch blocks and anything else you need to carry. The extra large front pocket is made from high quality UV stabilised mesh, great for keeping anything you need to dry out and doubles as a great rear wheel trash bag. The webbing straps will attach the bag to your rear wheel carrier, roof racks and anywhere else you can strap it down, they also double as great backpack straps. There is no other recovery gear bag like it.

Large heavy-duty velcro closure tab.
Size: 46-1/2" L x 14" W x 4" D.
One bag fits one pair of TREDs.

TRED PRO Leash (pair)

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TRED PRO Leash "the recovery device made for the recovery device." TRED leashes assist in locating your TREDs should they bury beyond sight after vehicle recovery. Features floating padded handle. Available as an optional accessory and sold in pairs.

Features floating padded handle.
Sold in pairs

TRED PRO Mounting Bracket

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TRED Pro Mounting Bracket has been designed to perfectly suit and secure the entire range of TREDs. Designed to be easy to mount in a variety of ways and allows you to mount two sets (pairs) of the same model (i.e. TRED 800*, TRED 1100*, TRED Pro, MAXTRAX, and some other brands) perfectly nested.

Built with off-road enthusiasts in mind, the TRED Pro Mounting Bracket is made from corrosion resistant materials and a robust, durable design to ensure it satisfies the rugged conditions of the great outdoors.

Hardware not included.
Sold as a single unit.
(Depending on your fitting requirements you may need two units.)

Aluminum Sand Ladders

The real thing! Aluminum pierced plating. For vehicle recovery from mud, snow, sand and most types of soft terrain.

Waffle Boards

Light enough to carry and handle, yet still provide the maximum in strength and durability.

Disclaimer. Please read: The effectiveness of this equipment is directly related to the manner in which it is installed, used (for off-road use only), and/or maintained. Proper installation, use and maintenance is solely the responsibility of the installer/user, and will not be assumed by