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Magnum Hand Winch

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While most serious off-roaders mount an electric winch to the front or rear of their rig, there are times when a manual winch could be the difference between walking home or driving home. This hand winch is a small, portable and lightweight unit designed for self recovery scenarios where a mounted electric winch can't do the job.

The Magnum hand winch offers outstanding performance and reliability. It has a lifting capacity of 3,500lb and a pulling capacity of 5,300lb. Compact and lightweight, the Magnum is also extremely durable - it's built using high quality steel and aluminium components. Being portable, it's also versatile, and can be attached to your vehicle from any side, providing suitable recovery points are available.

The Magnum hand winch uses a system where wire rope is pulled through the unit propelled by two interlocking jaws. The jaws pull the cable when in the forward winching mode and also act as an automatic brake. The jaws are self locking with grip increasing with the load.

Fast, simple & safe to operate.
Can be used for horizontal, vertical or angled pulls.
Capacity can be tripled w/ snatch blocks.
5/16" x 60' steel cable.
Pulling capacity of 5,300 lbs.
Lifting capacity of 3,500 lbs.
Compact and lightweight.
Includes Winch, Handle, Rope & Reeler.

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