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Winch Cable Extension

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Just like our steel winch cables, our cable extensions are also made from Extra Improved Plow Steel (EIP) galvanized aircraft grade steel winch cable. Our extension lines have both ends looped with heavy-duty steel thimbles. Stores easily in your kit box until needed. This is a wonderful security blanket for anyone venturing offroad anywhere.

Don't get stuck too far from a good anchor point! Our winch cable extension adds fifty feet to your winch line, and brings you nearer to that well-placed tree.

Professionally crimped w/ 600 ton press.
Heavy Duty steel thimbles on both ends.
Three diameters available.
Call us for custom lengths.

Note: Our ropes are professionally spliced.

5/16" Cable
9,800lb strength
3/8" Cable
14,400lb strength
7/16" Cable
17,600lb strength
1/2" Cable
26,600lb strength


Winch Cable

Extra Improved Plow Steel (EIP) galvanized aircraft grade wire cable. 4X4 and ATV applications. Order with or without Winch Hook.

XD Recovery Chain

Every 4WD owner should carry a recovery chain for heavy conditions.

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