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Amsteel Blue Winchrope


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Need a custom length winch rope, or synthetic rope by-the-foot to build your own winchrope? AmSteel Blue is the latest development of HMPE fiber in a twelve-strand braided rope utilizing Parallay design with proprietary blue urethane coating. Synthetic winch rope was introduced to the off-road vehicle markets in the 1990ís. It has rapidly become a must-have accessory for both hard-core rockcrawlers and off-road enthusiasts.

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Our U.S. made Amsteel Blue winch rope was recently listed in Petersen's 4 Wheel & Offroad magazine as the strongest winch cable replacement rope on the market.

Rule Book - "Winches must use rope (non-metal) with minimum burst strength of nine thousand five hundred (9,500) pounds."

U.S. Made Amsteel Blue synthetic fiber rope has a higher breaking strength than that of steel cable of the same diameter, and remarkably weighs less than 1/6. It won't get all wound-up like cable when unspooled. It can't develop sharp frays, and it doesn't conduct electricity or heat (won't freeze your hands in winter). It won't rust, doesn't kink, doesn't recoil, doesn't stretch, or doesn't store energy. Need we say more!

UV protection coated.

We strongly recommend upgrading to a billet aluminum Hawse fairlead to prevent pinching or other damage from a steel roller fairlead. See aluminum fairlead selections below.

Note: As with cable, we recommend keeping a minimum of 8 wraps of synthetic line on the winch drum at all times.

1/4" Amsteel Blue - 9,200 lb strength

5/16" Amsteel Blue - 13,700lb strength

3/8" Amsteel Blue - 19,600lb strength

7/16" Amsteel Blue - 23,925 lb strength

1/2" Amsteel Blue - 34,000 lb strength

Compare to 1/4" wire cable at 7,000 lb strength, 5/16" wire cable with 9,800lb strength, and 3/8" wire cable at 14,400lb, 7/16" wire cable with 17,600 lb strength, and 1/2" wire cable with 20,600 lb strength.
100 ft

150 ft

200 ft

250 ft

300 ft

600 ft

Or just not sure of the correct winch rope for your application...pick up the phone, and talk to us or email us!

Amsteel Blue Winchrope


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3/16" and 1/4"
ATV/UTV Winchrope

5/16" and 3/8"
4X4 Winchrope

7/16" & 1/2"
Hummer Winchrope

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