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XD Quick-fit Winchrope Rock Guard

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The Quick-fit Rock Guard for those winching times when you need more protection!

Although all of our synthetic winch ropes are shipped with our HD cordura winch rope abrasion guard, we get calls for it from those who purchased rope elsewhere, and needed a strong winchrope rock guard.

Color: Grey.
Heavy-duty 5' or 10' cordura sleeve.
4" wide open and laid flat.
Industrial-grade 1" wide velcro.
Quick-fit - easy to install and remove.
Winchrope applications: 3/16", 1/4", 5/16", 3/8", 7/16" & 1/2".

Note: You can also choose our 10' original abrasion guard. Scroll down to view.

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3/16" and 1/4"
ATV/UTV WinchRope

5/16" and 3/8"
4X4 Winch Rope

7/16" and 1/2"
Hummer/SuperDuty Winch Rope

Winchrope Abrasion Guard

Still the original and best! The first chafe guard on the market. Available in four diameters.

Winchrope Retainer

A simple device which makes the installation of winchrope on a winch drum totally idiotproof. 4x4 & UTV/ATV applications.

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